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Marine Academy Plymouth

Custom Drupal Module & Views Config
I was approached by the client to add extra functionaily to their homepage and also allow them to change the header image on any page.
About the client: 

Marine Academy Plymouth is the UK’s first Marine Academy; it’s a state-funded specialist secondary school with three sponsors who are the Plymouth University, Cornwall College and Plymouth City Council.

It’s now an all-through school incorporating a nursery, primary school, secondary school and Sixth Form.

Plymouth evolved as a city because of the sea, and its future prosperity depends on it and this is why the very first ‘marine’ academy has been opened here. Science, technology, art and sport are all integral to Plymouth, and they are to Marine Academy Plymouth.

What i did: 

The starting point was to make sure the homepage would update automatically. The original homepage was using feature blocks, effectively static information that had to be manually updated.

I decided to create a series of blocks using the "views" module and brought the content through that way. They wanted the theme to remain the same so made sure from a user point of view there was no difference, but the content would norlw update automatically as it was added.

The second part of the brief was to allow a user with the correct permissions to update the header image on any page. I created a custom form, restricted to a specific role which would appear on every page. All the user had to do was select an image file and upload. This would replace the default header image of any page they were on.