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Welsh Hearts Charity

Built site, Database and Paypal Intergration
Welsh hearts are a local charity based in the Cardiff area. I was approached by my client to build a similar site as a macmillan campaign the previous year.
About the client: 

Our mission is centered on the prevention and management of heart disease, and to fund cardiovascular medical research based in Wales. Cardiovascular disease accounts for a third of all deaths in Wales, where the death rate is higher than in the majority of countries in Western Europe.

To preserve, safeguard and promote the cardiovascular health of all persons in Wales Welsh Hearts have been very busy fundraising for the widespread provision of Defibrillators across Wales.

We are working on the saving young lives in Welsh schools going into all Secondary and Primary schools in Wales teaching CPR and Defibrillator training and basic first aid training for younger pupils. Over 6,000 people have been taught CPR skills. We are also working with The WRU on our Saving Lives in Welsh Rugby Clubs. We have a Team of around 200 amazing Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and First Responders who give up their free time to support us.

What i did: 

My client aproached me to build a standalone page for this local charity. They wanted a minisite that would allow users to post messages and make a donation to the charity as
They didnt want a message to be displayed until there was a confirmation that the payment had gone through.

Using the PayPal API i advised i could build a system that would record the users details our side and then get PayPal to write back to us when the payment had gone through. The client was happy with this and provided the design for the site. I then built the site from scratch using PHP/MYSQL & PayPal API.

Below you will find some screen shots of the site